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Design Services

Book and eBook Cover Design

We offer professional book cover design specifically created with your target audience in mind. Placing your book in the market can prove difficult to most authors, as you will automatically wish to attract every possible reader, sometimes across a wide range of genres. It is important to know who your majority reader will be. Book cover design starts with knowledge, and that's why every design we create is carefully considered; taking the time researching the audience your book will be targeting. We look at what's already on the market, what's been a success and how your book cover could compete there.


This service includes the bespoke design of your book cover, bespoke imagery or imagery license's, formatting to JPG or PDF and also a 3D copy to aid you in promotion and marketing. We design beautiful paperback, hardback and eBook covers for authors and publishers on the following and many other platforms: Kindle, Amazon, Createspace, Feedaread, Smashwords, Lulu, Nook, Kobo, iBookstore, Bookbaby and more.


Author Website Design

We can provide a bespoke, professionally designed website created in consultation with you to promote your book/s and to display you as an author. A professionally designed website is an absolute must to reflect your brand as an author, in whatever stage you're at. If readers see a well designed and well written website, it will give the confidence that your books are of the same quality.


The service includes the design and build of your website, utilising specialist author tools such as links to book retailers and social media integration. The first years hosting and maintenance are also included, so any updates (new books/reviews etc.) can be made throughout this period and then extended should you need to. Our software also allows you make updates yourself should you wish to.



Book Trailer Creation

With the influx of technology onto the book market, Book Trailers are being picked up by more and more publishers and authors as a fantastic opportunity to reach out to an audience, and an increasingly effective one.


Selling a book has and always will be about reaching your target market and setting the tone of your book through your book cover and promotion. The visual enticement and effects created with a book trailer can therefore provide a reader with a much better insight into what your book is about and gives the author another creative opportunity to portray the story in a new and exciting way.


We can create a unique, high quality trailer of between one and two minutes in length, using the still artwork of your book, stock images as well as video footage and audio music to help set the tone of the trailer and create intrigue for your book. We then end the trailer with visual links to your website and/or social media, where people can make a purchase or find out more information.


We will also upload the trailer onto our own Youtube & social media accounts, which viewers can rate and comment on, providing your Book Trailer with as much exposure as possible. Your trailer is sent to you in MP4 format, allowing you to use your trailer anywhere, from your website, book signings or display them on your social media accounts.

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